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Margaret Morales grew up in New York City, dreaming from the time she was a young child of "being an artist and moving to Greenwich Village". No one in her family could figure out how she knew at age 5 about the budding artists haven of the Village, but they were certainly not surprised that Margaret- the girl who would draw, paint, sculpt and even construct spaceships from packing boxes-wanted to be an artist. Though Margaret never made it to the Village,  she now resides in New York's other artist haven, the Hudson Valley. She has been working on her own art for 38 years. She discovered plein air painting through the Wallkill River School. Working in the great outdoors has reawakened her creativity and now the sky's the limit. Margaret also sees herself as a modern day storyteller, using paint as her medium.  In oils and watercolors,  she offers more than images,  her art tells stories that touch the heart and the soul.

Now that she has retired, art is her life. Known better as Marge, she is trying to make up for lost time before “The Big Sleep”, as she puts it. She is trying to paint each day and has resumed her love for photography. She is Vice President of Artists in the Parks. A group celebrating the local beauty of the Bear Mountain and Palisades Park system and recording it for prosperity.


Artist statement:
Time is so precious, we should savor and enjoy every moment. I love the idea of capturing all the energy of a moment and then sharing it through my art.

Contact: Marge@margemorales.com
Cell    914-443-7018


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